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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, we have addressed many of our clients' concerns. Have you ever wondered about any of the following issues?

> Why is there profit but no cash? 

> Can I pay more allowance instead of higher basic salary? 

> Where do I charge "under the table money"? 

> My accountant delays in finalising accounts. Is there a problem? 

> My accounts are not telling me a story. Can you make it "talk"?

> My salesman pocketed our cash collection. What can I do? 

> My stock is missing. How can I control it? 

> My partner is passing our business to his own company. Can I sue him? 

> How to value stock and work in progress? 

> Can you assist in identifying fraud by my manager?

> There is so much competition. What profitable business can I do? 

> I am in the sunset of my business. What else is there that can be done? 

> My staff turnover is high. How can I solve this headache? 

> I dare not employ salespeople as they will one day become my competitors. 

> Keep the business small and the problems will be less.

> When should I convert my sole proprietorship to a Sdn. Bhd.? 

> Shall I bring my wife/mum as a partner of my business? 

> I want to buy a shop. Should it be in my name, my wife's, my son's or my company? 

> Should I make all my children directors of my company? 

> Can my mum and dad be the shareholders of my company?

> My 1% shareholder cum director refused to sign cheques. Can I fire him? 

> The company has huge debts. Can I resign as a director? 

> I am a minority shareholder and the company did not call for shareholders meeting. What are my rights? 

> I cannot work with my partner. How do we terminate our partnership?

> My business is quite profitable but why am I not able to obtain bank loans? 

> Can I pull out as a guarantor for loans? 

> How can I get venture capitalists interested in my business? 

> I defaulted 3 months of loan repayment. Will I be blacklisted in CCRIS? 

> The bigger my business grows, the bigger are my loans. How do I reduce my burden?

> I spend a lot of money on exhibitions. What grants can I apply? 

> I am starting an IT business. How can the government help me? 

> Is it difficult to apply for MSC status? 

> I did not claim for Reinvestment Allowance. Can I claim it now? 

> I am in the manufacturing business. Do I qualify for pioneer status?

> Why is my tax so high? 

> What other expenses are deductible?

> Is it better to buy a car under my personal name or my company? 

> Should I set up a trading company to buy my manufactured products? 

> My company does not qualify for sales and service tax. What should I do?

> The company has extra cash, should I pay 20% tax on interest income? 

> I heard good tips for stock, should I use working capital to buy? 

> Which investment yield better returns, condo, house, shop or land? 

> Should I take up endowment policy and/or education plan? 

> Who names should I use for investment?

> If I give my manager our company's shares, what would happen if he leaves?

> The company has a few millions worth of land and building. How can I give shares way to my working directors? 

> I want my sons to work for the shares of the company. How do I structure it? 

> Can you value my business before I restructure the company? 

> Should I plan for listing?

> My business is small. Will the Inland Revenue Board come after me? 

> My accounts were messy. How do I prepare for a tax audit? 

> During tax audit of my Sdn. Bhd., can the Inland Revenue Board look at my personal bank accounts? 

> Is it better to run my business through a Sdn. Bhd. than a sole proprietorship?

> The creditors are chasing me. Can I wind up my company? 

> My bank accounts are frozen by the Inland Revenue Board. What can I do? 

> Can I take cash out before liquidation? 

> When I liquidate my manufacturing company, do I need to get Customs and Excise and Inland Revenue Board's clearance?

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