GST Services

We have a scalable range of GST services provided by our GST Team headed by our 3 experts in GST. 

Cheapest option:

Attend our various seminars on GST


Most effective option:

Engage our GST Team to assist you to plan, implement and test new system to cater for GST requirement.


With the impending GST coming into effect on 1 April 2015, our firm has set up a team of experts and managers to assist businesses to make changes to their business operation to cater to the GST requirements.


Technical Advisors

  • Adrian Yeo
  • Kong Jing Yee
  • Cindy Yew
  • Lee Wai Sung

System & Implementation Managers

  • Kong Jing Yee
  • Janet Wong
  • Sharon Tay
  • Alan Foo
  • Annie Ee
  • Steven Teng
  • Polly Chua

GST Seminars

(look out for our announcement on the dates)

1. Broad view seminar on GST

2. Industry specific seminar

    - Property developers, contractors, investors

    - Manufacturing

    - Retailers

3. Accounting implementation

GST Compliance Services

1. Registration of GST license

2. Compilation of output tax and input tax for periodic GST return

3. Submission of periodic GST return

4. Submission of payment for GST

5. Deregistration of GST

6. Appeal cases 

GST Advisory & Implementation Services

A. In-house Advisory

1. Review of business transactions and processes
2. Advise on specific changes required
3. Advise on group registration,
4. Identify and advise on GST special schemes
5. Review and advise on long term contracts
6. Advise on new or upgrade accounting system
7. Advise on transitional period
8. Advise on processes, documents, system design, customisation of accounting system
9. Advise on GST compliance matters and legislative requirements

B. Implementation Services

We can assist in :
1. Changes in processes, documentation and system design,
2. Customisation of accounting system - chart of accounts, P&L, Balance Sheet
3. Designing templates for invoice, CN, DN, DO, PO, Bill of Lading.
4. Create stock code, A/c Receivable and A/c Payable database with GST codes,
5. Assignment of tax codes to each type of transaction
6. Data conversion from old system to new system
7. Training management and staff

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PIC: Cindy Yew (017-665 3500)

       Annie Ee (017-619 2300)

       Sharon Tay (017-377 1500)