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Social Responsibility

As a corporate citizen, AdrianYeo understands how important it is to give back to society. We have initiated several special programmes that allow us to do our part in enriching the lives of our fellow Malaysians, through the usage of our expertise.

Financial Knowhow Programme

The objective of this programme is to inspire mothers and their teenage children to achieve financial independence, while pursuing their goals and dreams. Teens of today will enter a very competitive, expensive world, and most of them are ill prepared. Instilling good money sense and an appreciation for the value of money from an early age will help ensure that they are ready to take on future financial challenges and opportunities.

Our longer-term vision is to extend the CSR programme to 2 more age groups:
"Good Money Habits" (Young children: 10-12 years old, Primary School)
"Gearing Up For The Money Game" (Young adult: 18 -21 years old, College & University)

Official Launch at Dewan Besar LPPKN

Official Launch at Dewan Besar LPPKN, Bangunan LPPKN, Kuala Lumpur (19/11/11)

This event was co-organised with The National Population and Family Development Board Malaysia ("LPPKN"), an agency of the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development. 40 teenagers together with their parents attended the workshop. 6 reporters from major newspapers were also present to cover the event.

Pre-launch at the Epicure

Pre-launch at the Epicure, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur (23/7/11)

This event was attended by 7 children together with their parents. Journalists from The Star newspaper provided coverage of the workshop.

Public Seminars on Tax Budget

UTAR, Petaling Jaya (16/10/10)
Sin Chew Jit Poh, Petaling Jaya (23/10/09)
UTAR, Petaling Jaya (20/10/07)
Wanita MCA, Wisma MCA Kuala Lumpur (16/9/04)

Roadshow with seminars on income tax self-assessment

Roadshow with seminars on income tax self-assessment, tax planning and helpdesks to help public fill up income tax forms (Borang BE).

Organised by China Press whereby the Firm provided 20 staff to venues in Ipoh and Melaka (Mar – April 05)

Durian feast for the mentally challenged children

Donation to the TARC student loan fund

Workshops conducted as part of our Financial Literacy Programme for youth