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The People

Founder & Managing Partner

CA(M), FCCA(UK), CPA(M), MBA(UK), FCTIM(M), Adv Dip Fin Acct (TARC)

Tax, Audit & Advisory


Background and Education

Adrian is friend to all businessmen. He is simple, sincere, quick with numbers and has a big appetite for learning. Adrian grew up in a small town in Kuching, Sarawak. He went to Chinese school and helped his dad in the sundry shop in his teenage years.

After high school, he worked as a salesman for 3 years in Kuching. Later he pursued an accountancy course in TAR College, Kuala Lumpur after which he successfully completed the ACCA professional course in Emile Wolfe College, London.

While working in London, he enrolled in the Master of Business Administration programme with Middlesex University in 1988 and completed it in 1991.


Accountancy Career

Upon graduation, Adrian worked for two astute Jewish bosses of a small Chartered Accountants firm, Kimches & Co and a medium sized Chartered Accountants firm, Richard Anthony & Co in London for a total of 7 years in the fields of audit and tax.

In 1993, Adrian returned to Kuala Lumpur and joined KPMG Peat Marwick for 2 years, where he was team leader for audit and corporate exercises of listed companies and multi-national corporations.

In 1995, he started Adrian Yeo Consultancy providing advisory services. In 1998, he started Adrian Yeo & Co, where audit and tax are the core services. Today, he still offers the same core services but with greater depth, serving around 2,000 clients supported by 100 colleagues.

Adrian co-founded with 3 partners, another audit firm STYL Associates in 2007 where they are auditors for listed companies in Bursa Malaysia. He resigned from STYL in Adrian sat in Boards of listed companies as Independent Director previously.


Professional Associations, Societies and Clubs

Adrian is active in professional associations and alumni. He holds or held the following positions:-

o Member of Board of Governor, TAR University College
o Ex-Officio member of TAR University College Education Foundation
o President of Federation of TAR College Alumni Associations, Malaysia
o President of School of Business Studies Ex-Students Association, TAR College
o Council member of Chartered Institute of Taxation Malaysia (2005-2013)
o Council member of Chartered Association of Certified Accountants, Malaysia (2008-2009)
o Chairman of Public Practice Committee, Chartered Association of Certified Accountants, Malaysia. (2007-2009)


Speaking and Writing

Adrian is a speaker on the subject of taxation and financial matters both in English and Mandarin. He also writes on the topic of entrepreneurship for a Chinese magazine.

In 2013, Adrian also started a corporate social responsibility program “Financial Literacy for Youth”. This program is conducted through workshops.

Executive Partner 

CA(M), FCCA(UK), ACTIM(M), MBA Finance (Uni of Nottingham, UK)

Audit, Finance & System


Jing Yee started her career young and she has gone a full circle starting with commercial, public practice, commercial, corporate and now back to public practice.

Jing Yee is a fast learner, having completed ACCA in 2½ years. She started at age 18 as costing clerk for a year and another year in local accounting firm. She went to London for her ACCA final examination and graduated at age of 21.

In London, she enjoyed her time working for mid-sized accounting firms for 4 years dealing with clients involved in property, fashion, entertainment, trading and football businesses.

In 1993, she returned to Kuala Lumpur and joined a stock broking firm. There, she was in charge of the accounts department and later her scope of work expanded to finance and company secretarial matters. She has handled IT system implementation twice and raised over RM300 million of finance during her 7 years stint.

In 2001, she joined a manufacturing company which is listed on the Malaysia Stock Exchange for 3 years as Executive Director where she handled Corporate Affairs, Finance & Accounts, Internal Audit, Human Resources and Information Technology System.

In 2003, she joined Adrian Yeo & Co as Principal. Since 2008, she is the Executive Partner in charge of audit, accounting and due diligence. She is also a speaker in areas of finance and GST.

Audit Partner 


Audit, GST & Accounts


Sharon has an impressive career within our firm. A protégé who joined as audit junior and risen to be a sharp and smart audit partner.

Sharon has a well-rounded 16 years of experience dealing with small to large companies in areas of audit, tax, GST and accounting. In between, she was seconded to a large multi-national oil company as analyst in its shared-service centre as well as a listed company for a special reconciliation engagement.

This year, she spearheaded the set-up of our Kuala Lumpur office. Sharon is also an occasional speaker in topics relating to auditing, accounting and GST.

Audit Partner 

CA(M), CPA(Aust)

Audit, GST & Accounts


Jack is another talent groomed by the Firm. An intelligent and energetic young man, Jack obtained his audit license after 10 years of audit and accounting experience.

Don’t underestimate the innocent youthful look, he is well versed in auditing and accounting standards, and other regulatory requirements.

Over the 10 years, Jack has worked in a “Big-4 audit firm for 1 year as well as secondment to a large multi-national oil company for another 1 year.

Associate Director, Tax

Licenced Tax Agent


Wai Sung is an Associate Director of AdrianYeo Tax Sdn Bhd with over 15 years of working experience in areas of tax, audit and commercial companies.

A young man with an inquisitive mind, Wai Sung found his passion in tax and GST. With 6 years of experience in the tax division of a “Big-4” International Accounting firm and another year with a tax specialist firm, he has handled numerous tax advisory and compliance cases for large multinational and listed companies.

From the large MNCs and listed companies, Wai Sung was able to show his versatility by his ability to impress the SME companies with his communication flair.

Wai Sung speaks frequently in areas of tax and GST. His high energy seminars has left many participants delighted.

Audit Director



Janet heads the assurance department. She ensures that audit work is done properly and on time. She knows most of our audit clients well.

She has over 24 years of working experience, With 4 years in listed company and commercial and the last 20 years in public practice.

She handles demanding audit clients well, who come in mixed bags, small, medium & big, different industries, different characters and expectations. Janet has handled various due diligence and special assurance engagements over the years.

Tax Director



Cindy heads the tax compliance division. She ensures that clients comply with tax requirements and proactively plans ahead for clients, ensuring that they maximize their tax allowances and incentives whilst minimize their tax liabilities.

Cindy has a well-rounded 19-years’ experience, of which 3 years were in commerce and bank, whilst the last 16 years, she has been passionately pursuing a career in tax.

Cindy handles tax audits and investigation cases for clients, advises on various tax incentives and is a speaker in tax and GST topics.

Senior Manager, Tax



Theresa has over 13 years of working experience in areas of Malaysian and international tax, audit and accounting with a Big 4 International firm, a large listed group and AdrianYeo Tax Sdn Bhd.

She handles tax advisory and compliance matters including tax audit, tax incentives, withholding tax, RPGT, etc for MNCs, listed companies, SMI and entrepreneurs.

She is a speaker and trainer in corporate tax and personal tax.